Corner clamps for all 1/8 materials

Some time back @paul4 posted a simple but ingenious design here: Tabbed Box Gluing Jig

I finally got around to wanting to make some but had nothing close to the underlayment he used but I have boxes of 1/8" scraps so I recreated it in Fusion and made the slots where the thickness is adjustable.

I’ve worked out the numbers for the medium :proofgrade: and the 1/8" Baltic Birch from woodpeckers and included them in the zip file as well as the Fusion 360 file for any other 1/8 class materials you might want to use. corner (65.4 KB)

When using the Fusion file you will want to go several thousandths less than what you measure as that is the only kerf compensation.
Thanx again to @paul4 for the original design.


Thanks Mark. I knew I had seen something like this back before my Glowforge arrived. Now that I have advanced to boxes/3D things this will really come in handy. I’m slugging through learning Fusion 360 so will hopefully be actually designing my own 3D items soon versus using premade files.


I’m a big fan of designing your own stuff, the only way to make this tool truly yours. I’m also a big fan of not reinventing the wheel.
I’m looking forward to seeing your first original 3d items.


Should be very useful, thanks to to both of you.


Sweet!!! Thank you, Mark!


Thank you for sharing