Tabbed Box Gluing Jig


Saw this idea somewhere on the internet (I forget where now) but I designed it in inkscape and just cut a set. Works great!

Cut on “underlayment” from Home Depot.



Practical cuts
Practical cuts

This is fantastic, thank you!


Just what I needed.




Briljant! (Dutch) I can even see this working in a scaled up version!


Thank you! This will be great!


Wow, just what I can really use—thanks so much!


Oh very nice share! Thanks! :grinning:


Thanks! Just did a bunch of boxes and was dreading gluing…


I just used CA glue, does the job every time :wink:


nice… thanks!


Super. Beeen wanting to makes some corner clamps. Thanks so much.


How are you cutting 1/4 inch?? I have a really hard time cutting it… I have the 40 watt machine…


The “underlayment” I got from home depot is this stuff:

My calipers measure it at 0.18in or so… I have a Pro (45w), search the forum for “underlayment” for the speed to use.


is there a file for this? I only see a picture of them? thanks, I can totally use these!


The small picture you see in the first post is the svg file. You just need to download it.


Thanks I tried to click on it and couldn’t


Right click on it and choose “save file as.”