Tabbed Box Gluing Jig


Saw this idea somewhere on the internet (I forget where now) but I designed it in inkscape and just cut a set. Works great!

Cut on “underlayment” from Home Depot.



Practical cuts
Tea Boat Design
Practical cuts

This is fantastic, thank you!


Just what I needed.




Briljant! (Dutch) I can even see this working in a scaled up version!


Thank you! This will be great!


Wow, just what I can really use—thanks so much!


Oh very nice share! Thanks! :grinning:


Thanks! Just did a bunch of boxes and was dreading gluing…


I just used CA glue, does the job every time :wink:


nice… thanks!


Super. Beeen wanting to makes some corner clamps. Thanks so much.


How are you cutting 1/4 inch?? I have a really hard time cutting it… I have the 40 watt machine…


The “underlayment” I got from home depot is this stuff:

My calipers measure it at 0.18in or so… I have a Pro (45w), search the forum for “underlayment” for the speed to use.


is there a file for this? I only see a picture of them? thanks, I can totally use these!


The small picture you see in the first post is the svg file. You just need to download it.


Thanks I tried to click on it and couldn’t


Right click on it and choose “save file as.”


Thank you!! This is an Awesome! Idea.


Thank you, this will be put to good use.