Cost to use

Do I have to pay a monthly fee to use the glowforge app?


If you have a Glowforge there is no fee for use of the app. However, If you want to sign up for Premium there are many very useful tools that help you design in the app directly without any other software. If you have skills in design software, it can still be very handy in last-minute changes or things like outlining that are more difficult in many design software.


Yeah, Glowforge Print is free to use with the machine, forever - and they keep improving it.

Glowforge Premium is an add-on service that also does cool things but isn’t needed at all. If you decide to go the Premium route there is a an annual option that’s way cheaper than paying monthly.


Thank you @rbtdanforth &@deirdrebeth for the helpful information! They are absolutely right about Glowforge Premium.

Glowforge Premium is an upgrade to your Glowforge Print membership that brings you new designs, features, and tools to help you print with amazing creativity and efficiency. You already have a lifetime free subscription to Glowforge Print. Glowforge Premium is a paid upgrade that makes it even better.

When you log in to for the first time, you’ll automatically get a 14-day trial period to Glowforge Premium. However, when you’re ready to sign up we have a monthly plan at $50/month or the annual plan that is currently at a discounted price of $249/year (which comes out to just over $20/month).

I’m going to close this thread - if you have any further questions, please feel free to post a new topic.