Couple of Christmas gifts

I was asked to make a couple of Christmas gifts - the battleship plaque was for my wife’s cousin that just graduated out of her basic training. I was inspired by one of the designs on here. The photo engrave was for her brother. I am extremely pleased with, it is on cherry.


Very nice… John Stennis was a Senator from my home state… I live not far from the Stennis Space Center, in fact. He always reminded me of Simon Bar Sinister from the Underdog cartoon, lol.
You have inspired me, now. My brother served on board the USS Shangri-La. I think I need to engrave him a plaque…


Oh, that baby picture turned out fantastic! :smile:


Yes I love the photo. So sweet!

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Thank you the baby picture was about the 6th attempt slowly dialing it in but having a lot of fun!