Cover for my Glowforge

While this isn’t technically made on a Glowforge, its made for the Glowforge.

As I get the kitchen remodeled, I haven’t had as much time to get and do my experimentation for the perfect Catan board (I have dialed in the engraving settings, but want to play around with paints and unmasking techniques before I get a set printed).

In the meantime, I asked my wife to help me with getting a cover designed for when the GF is not in use. Made with Duck Canvas, and embroidered with my machine’s name.

My wife is responsible for getting the sewing done for the cover, and I strugged for 2 hours to get the embroidery machine up and running :slight_smile: - But here are the results:

Printing the threads:

Closeup of the name & GF Symbol

How it looks when Icarus is not in use:

All and all, about 2 1/2 hours of work. Hopefully by the end of next week I’ll have my first real project done and post it here.

Now I want to find out if anyone has a cover as nice as mine :slight_smile:


Ooh pretty.

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Looks great.
You did want to start a new business didn’t you. :grin:slight_smile:
I may just have to ask how much you would charge to make a cover for my forge.


Hey man, I’ve got a drawer for mine…
Have to admit the embroidery puts it in another class,.



That’s very cool!

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Snazzy! Nice to have Icarus protected from any dust, etc.

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Very nice! It’s been on my to-do list all summer to design dust covers for all the equipment in my studio (now including a Glowforge) but haven’t gotten around to it. My wife said she’d sew them if I designed them. I don’t yet have an embroidery system so I’ll probably have to go with heat transfer vinyl for labels.

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Looks great!

I plan on embroidering ours, as well. Just haven’t quite come up with a name yet!

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Laser it - especially if you use a canvas or denim material.


I’ll see how the duck canvas lasers…that would be quite interesting!


I’ll talk to the wife and see if she wants to tackle a second one

I lasered sneakers with this company logo :relaxed:


Very Nice!

No. Yours is a real beauty!

Nice cover.

But, if I had one I’d have to take everything off the glowforge, put on the cover and then put it all on top of the cover. Too much work for me :wink:


Was the engraving on the shoes done with the Glowforge? Can you share how you did it?

No. I did it on the Redsail. In retrospect it could be done on the GF but what I did was drop the bed in the Redsail - it has 9" of Z-axis movement. Then I filled the shoe with wadded up newspaper to keep the shape. I laid it on its side and used some blocking pieces to keep it from leaning over.

I posted it to show that canvas can be engraved pretty well.

BTW, on a GF, sneakers like these wouldn’t be hard. The canvas can fold flat against the shoe bed and would be an inch & a half off the bottom of the GF. You wouldn’t even need any shimming. Just set the focus to 0.1" Probably want to use some masking tape to hold the canvas flat and you’d want to remove the laces as those keep it from folding as flat as possible.


Care to share the embroidery file for at least the :glowforge: logo?

Our Embroiderer (real word?) is retiring, my wife wants me to take over. Significantly more expensive than :glowforge: and being on an island no leasing…

Lovely work!

I love this idea. I have been trying to think of ideas for a cover for mine, to be dust free but also protect my glowforge in case my 20lb cat decides it might be a nice place to take his afternoon nap! So might have to make something heavy duty out of wood.

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