COVID-19 general discussion thread

So I think it’s probably on our minds here. If you have some good articles or thoughts to share, have at it. I’ll go first.

I saw these articles, they were all fairly sobering, worth reading.

First person account of life in Wuhan – given that Atlanta just closed all its schools for a couple days, this has definite parallels for me:

First person account from a doctor in Italy [warning, this is a scary one]:

How do pandemics work and what can we do to slow it down:

Empty public spaces:

Unfortunately, the heartwarming story I was going to share – about how quarantine plus social media has led to a new sort of reconnection with home cooking as a shared social experience in Wuhan – has been taken down from the newyorker’s site. Maybe it’ll come back, if it does I’ll update it.

Anyway, Stay safe, stay informed, and try not to buy into everything you read. There’s a lot of speculation and misinformation happening right now, take it seriously but don’t panic.


Best thing to do is to treat it like when the swine flu hit.

Be cautious. Be safe. But panic never makes anything better.


Being in Seattle area, and expected announcement this morning by Governor to ban all events >250 people, aside from the health impact, the economic impact will be huge. Especially for crafters/artists that rely on in-person shows as a source of income… Hope besides delaying tax returns, all affected can get relief for mortgage payments.

(But I bet the admin first gives $ to the oil companies that are losing profit since fewer car trips as more companies go to WFM and schools close).

But for the sickened, mainly in Sr Centers, is scary. But I can’t help but wonder about the pattern–someone brought the virus there. And so many isolated facilities–makes me wonder about a vendor/supplier of food or laundry services.

But since here they are only testing those with severe symptoms, there really won’t be good data about how wide spread it is. But hopefully soon really understand how long it lasts (2, 3, 4 weeks)–but preventative measures are good for all since what I’ve heard so far is that you can pass it along before you even realize you’re sick…


a dashboard of covid-19 to help keep this in perspective.


My parents’ retirement facility (Bryan, TX) as of today has canceled all activities and isn’t allowing visitors. Mom is upset about it, but I’m REALLY glad they’re taking it seriously.


I’m a lover of the Ars Technica site and they have a rather comprehensive “Guide” to Covid-19 (please don’t call it the coronavirus because I’ll just say “which one?”.)


This is also a great dashboard of worldwide info:

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Italy is currently doing this. It’s definitely possible elsewhere, I wonder if it’s feasible in the US, guess we’ll find out.

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Some of us are rebel holdouts who considered the new naming convention for diseases a psychosomatic reaction to a condition that never existed.

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Conventional mortgages (that refers to the dollar amount) are pretty much all held by the government or quasi-governmental bodies so kinda easy in theory if there is the political will. Jumbos are all private, but the business crosses state lines, so Congress could regulate with a law under the interstate commerce clause.

However, the companies that collect your payment, the servicers, would need to achieve a level of coordination they have never before displayed. So my optimistic guess is that if they tried we’d have a business tragi-comedy of misinformation and credit bureau reporting mistakes.


Wow, I snuck in yesterday under the wire…

Yep. I did a painting class there yesterday morning.

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Mom’s B&W paint pours looked like COVID-19 under a microscope. Very cellular. Wish I had a pic! (Trying to get back on topic…)


Here ya go:


This is a good read-written by a doctor in Italy:


A few minutes ago I was speaking with a FB friend in Italy and she had this to say. The infor about the hospitals is a bit sobering.


Speaking of sobering:

In short start canceling things right now. Not tomorrow. Not after the weekend.


Italy just closed EVERTHING besides supermarkets and pharmacies, all those poor people :sweat:

Thank you for being a nurse with sound advice. (More informative than anything I’ve heard through “official” channels and media.)

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