COVID-19 Journal Cover for Gkid

So, that thing where your Gkid comes to visit for a few days over spring break, and then suddenly everyone is supposed to stay where they are because of a global pandemic, so she’s stuck with you – other than the global pandemic part, that thing is pretty awesome. :slight_smile:

This was our project today. Gkid’s teacher sent out an email with some worksheets and things, and asked the kids to keep a journal of their experiences during the COVID-19 outbreak, because it’s a historical event.

I scrounged around downstairs and found an unused spiral notebook in my dad’s office, and we’re making a leather and wood cover for it. Gkid came up with the concept and drew the COVID-19 organism herself (no, they don’t actually have cilia, but she thought it made it look creepier), and chose the title and fonts and layout. All I did was find a tiger image (she’s tiger crazy like other girls her age are horse crazy) and follow her instructions.

Tomorrow we’ll cut the leather and see what we can find in the way of stitching supplies.


Waxed dental floss works great for leather in a pinch.


Good to know! We’ve got plenty of that around, if we can’t find which box has my leather supplies in it. (I have the leather, just haven’t run across the rest of it yet!)


Fantastic! More great memories made, too. Maybe not perfect, but these things are certainly sliver linings! Hope you post the complete piece. I want to see the leather.


Looks great! Gkid is going to get an A+ just for the cover.


Glad you have this time with her! Great project!


Yeah, me too I’m just kinda winging it. We’ll see what happens! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cool design! It will be nice to see it when finished.

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Question for the masses: For the leather that will connect the two wood covers together, should I use PG thick or standard? Thick seems like it might not bend as readily, but I don’t know how standard will hold up over time, so I can’t decide…