Journal Cover

I posted a while back about making a COVID journal cover for Gkid – well, we FINALLY finished it. Here it is, in all its tigery goodness!

10yo Gkid is, for those who don’t know, as nutty about tigers as most girls her age are about horses. She designed the cover layout, selected the fonts, and drew the virus herself. (Yes, she knows it doesn’t really have cilia. She just thought they made it look “creepier.”) Then she painted it after it was engraved. She also painted the stripes on the leather for the inside pockets and spine. We are both very happy with how it came out!


Go, Celia! That looks awesome!


Oh my gosh - so amazing!!!


Love those painted stripes! WOW! She takes after G’ma when it comes to laser talent! Nice!


That’s A++

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It looks amazing! Kudos to you and Celia!! Love the stripes.
(High school mascot was a tiger in Indiana, and now Cincinnati Bengals living in Cincinnati). (Even though I don’t care about sports, it is still a big thing here).


Hi! I love the cover! How did you create the binding on the edge? Sewed it???

The binding and inside pockets are made of leather, and yes, sewed on. I used a saddle stitch and just pretended the wood was leather too. :slight_smile: