Cracked/Scratched Lens? Issues with Brand New Glowforge

Good morning,
I got my Glowforge Basic yesterday, and overall I’m pleased with what was delivered. Setup was easy enough. However, when I went to do the Gift of Good Measure print in Med. Draftboard PG, it wouldn’t cut all the way through the board, for several tries.

I confirmed that the GF is level, seems stable, etc. When I went to clean the lenses, I found what appears to be a defect on the lens that faces left as you stand in front of the machine. Could there be a correlation between that and not being able to cut through the board?

The board I’m using seems pretty flat, and the tray below is seated correctly, near as I can tell. I haven’t tried any custom cut settings; it got late and didn’t want to keep generating machine noise while the family is sleeping!
Thanks for any input!

Yep, looks like a problem there. Don’t worry, Support will get you squared away.


I’ve replied to your email with your next steps to receive your replacement printer head window. I’m going to close this thread for now. Please let us know if you are still having trouble after installing the new part either by opening a new thread or reaching out at

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