Cracked Wheel - Help!

Hey there. Just cleaned my Glowforge and noticed when I moved the laser arm that it didn’t glide as smoothly as normal. Then upon inspection, we see it’s cracked. Help! We’re busier than ever before and have lots of holiday orders that we need to get out!

Posting here opens a ticket with support. They generally respond within 1 business day and will set up getting you a replacement via email.

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Does anybody know if it’s a part I can replace myself? Or does it require a whole machine to be sent in? :confused:

I don’t think it needs to be sent in, or at least haven’t seen that as the outcome before in the P&S section. You should be able to just unscrew it and then put the new one in its place or take the old one off, disassemble it and put the new one on. If it is something they need it to be sent away for I would be really surprised. If I am wrong tho please let me know when you find out.


I don’t see how unless you are double-jointed and have hands the size of an infant. Perhaps support is going to tell owners how to remove the top side panels, which I seriously doubt as the machine can be operated with them removed - a serious safety concern.

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Fingers crossed it’s something we can replace at home without having to send the entire machine in and waiting a few weeks. Will keep you posted whenever support gets back to us. Thanks!

It shows that this was closed but nobody actually responded? :sob:

I strongly suspect that they also have similar issues. that would explain the closing and then opening the post and getting sidetracked in the middle.

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I’m sorry to see that your Glowforge has a broken wheel. I will need some personal information for the next steps so I will be continuing next steps through email. I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.

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