Craft Room Sign

I finally got a chance to spend a little time with my new Pro, and I wanted to test manual alignment on the passthrough slot. I didn’t really need a craft room sign but I did need a test project, so I came up with a goofy phrase and cut it out of cardboard. This was 1/8" corrugated cardboard. I cut it twice, glued the layers together, painted it, and dotted the “i” with a fake diamond gem. The whole thing is about 20" long.


Very pleased with the alignment. I used the method described [here]Tips for using the Pro Passthrough and here. I’d say that the offset where the two parts meet is less than 1 mm, which I think is a function of how careful you are with aligning the two score marks. Plus flatness and consistency of material.


Spectacular results! :grinning:


Lovely work, thanks!

How fun! :gem:

The first “Here” doesn’t work.

Hmmmm, works for me. Here’s another link:
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For some reason I’m getting “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic”

Oops, my mistake. Try this one:

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After I got my Glowforge I did a full tutorial on that method


That’s another good one!

Great job! Lovely font!

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Thanks! It’s Limon Script Bold. I bought it from the last time they had a sale. I’d been drooling over it for so long…

Ohhhh! Thank you!