Crafty Cretin - Things I made

And here’s the Illustrator file, just in case. (356.3 KB)


That one is looking a lot better. Thank you @n_dawson. A few details look like they’ve dropped, but I can fix or ignore that.

I’ll take a look at that after I run it through the converter I have. My demo of ReaConverter should have some time left on it. Thank you again.

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When I reopen the first one in Illustrator, it’s wonky. When I reopen this one in Illustrator, it looks right. Here’s hoping it works in Inkscape too. I think it’s related to how the original file was created, some left over ‘artifacts’ from tracing or something.

I used ReaConverter on your .ai file and it worked beautifully. Still missing a couple details on one thruster and the bottom of the engine bulb, but that might be from the original Thingiverse file. I think I’ll bite the bullet and pay for a license.


Edit: I just took a close look at your printed/cut version and you’re missing the same details. Definitely the original Thingiverse file. If I fill in the missing details, I’ll send it your way, @n_dawson.


So moving on from the file confusion and ultimate correction (Thanks for the help @Rovylern!)…

Immediately after seeing the memorial candle, a friend told me her daughter’s friend was killed in a car accident and ordered one. Ugh. Again, happy to build, hate the reason. Makes my brain itch and my heart ache.

A couple of tags I’m doing for a festival this June. These are for the fire safety crew(12) and staff(10). (I made a few with Jarvis and a few with a Universal laser at the local makerspace. I have 100 more to do for instructors and 50 to do for volunteers!) Non-PG 1/4" ply, using default SD graphic engrave settings for “thick” maple ply.


Some more classroom whiteboard thingies… these will be for “bullet points.” Two layers of mat board with a magnet glued to the back.

A friend came to town with the sole purpose of us spending the day burnin’ stuff! We had a blast.
Walnut and maple on this Tolkien gift.

Harry Potter flying keys were about an hour from concept to completion. Did these in PG draftboard so they could be painted easily.


One more for this round…

A Moana themed gift for my friend’s coworker. Two layers of non-PG ply with a bit of sharpie color. Really happy with this one. So simple, looks so good. (the burn marks are just where the masking paper I put on didn’t stay stuck)

Was so enamored with that, I made a couple more of them at the makerspace (was doing a larger than the GF could handle flag project and had some scraps in my bag). I like the look of the color with the acrylic, but I think I like the wood better. What do you think? (I also apparently glued the waves a bit off center of their outlines scored on the background. I still like 'em.)

Until next time! Burn on!


definitely like the wood better.


+2 for the wood. Great projects! (Love the flying keys.) :grinning:


The simple cylindrical candles I’ve used recently (see above) have been like a splinter in my head… what else can I do with 'em? Today, I had a brain fart and wondered about this twisted bookshelf idea I’ve had “pinned” for ages…

And sunuva biscuit… BadaBing (an hour or so in Illustrator) BadaBoom (3 minutes with Jarvis)

This is just a draftboard proof of concept prototype. Needs a few minor tweaks, a bit shorter, I think the candle should stick out a bit, and I think I want a “cap” layer to hide the tab holes. Super stoked! First try! Everything fit as expected (maybe a bit loose as the db is thinner than 1/8"). This should look rad in walnut or cherry. Perhaps with some swirly goodness on the panels? Lots of potential with this design.


Well that’s just cool! :grinning:

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Sonuva… Well, a second warranty replacement unit is on it’s way… this time Jarvis Mark II has gotten stuck in the “Alert Cooling” state. Again, customer service has been excellent. A bit frustrating of course (for them too I suppose). There are so many choices of machines out there. And from everything I’ve read, plus the Universals I’ve messed with, the GF is BY FAR the most user friendly machine. And that’s mostly a software thing. Which I believe is where most of their problems are happening… Alas, still a great tool for creatives. Looking forward to getting back to burnin’ chit soon.

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This was the last project of Jarvis Mark II, before becoming stuck in the ‘cooling alert.’ Made a couple of these window sun catchers for two of wife’s colleagues that are retiring, from the water company. :wink::droplet:Hope they dig 'em as much as I do. I love doing more crafty things like this. Also kinda hoping her bosses like them enough to make an official “order” of a few more. :smiley:


Cool design! :grinning:

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I really like your style! You’ve got quite a knack for design—love all your projects.

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Thanks! I mimic others’ styles very well more than anything. :wink:

Jarvis Mk_III is up and running! Now to GITONWIVIT!

I love this idea. Very cool.

I’ve been busy. Mostly just lurkin’ here on the forums, but Jarvis Mk_III has been workin’ hard.

I set up a booth at my neighborhood Flower Festival. It was fun. I did “ok,” not great. But it was a fun event. A few items were inspired by creators here. And a big shout out to @BigBlueMark for helping me make $20 with the “BeYOUtiful” typography idea. (Sold two plaques with it, one was to a woman with the same saying on her shirt even!) It was also a hit with a ‘lady bug’ that kept me and my son company all day.

LOTS more pics coming later, as yard work calls. But needed to say thanks to Mark first.


Ladybugs are good luck too! :grinning: