"Crafty" help needed

My daughter & I landed reservations on the Galactic Starcruiser next month. (!!!) I have used friggin’ (my Glowforge) make a few templates for things like stripes for sleeves and pants and logos for our flight suits… But have run into a snag I hope some of the more crafty of you out there can help with:

What kind of paint would work best on dark colored cotton/denim? (and PLEASE say there’s a spray alternative because there are hundreds of rectangles in some of theses stripes…) Star Wars sleeve example shown below - it doesn’t need to be a puffy paint (not that it might not be cool…)

I was going to buy an airbrush eventually, so if that’s part of your solution/suggestion, I can make that work, but “regular” spray paints didn’t seem to do much in my tests…

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobie, you’re my only hope…


Very, very cool for the two of you.



Silkscreen inks are the most opaque, but not sprayable.

If it were me I’d get laser safe HTV (non PVC vinyl, they exist fairly commonly) and iron them on.


Check out “textile paint spray” on amazon.


There are puffy heat transfer vinyls available that could get close to the example pictured. Some HTVs are safe to cut on a laser despite the word “vinyl” but you have to check out the product details. Some HTV products can also be layered so you can make pretty cool designs! But, to apply them you really really should have a proper heat press. Doing it with a hand iron is not easy.


Here’s one puffy example, I have not used it though:

I don’t know what that is, are you … going to … space??


Galactic Starcruiser looks like quite the adventure!


For that particular look - fabric paint with flocking might give your closest impression.

Cut a mask out on the :glowforge:, stick that to your material, heavy hit with spray paint that’s close to the colour you want, and then coat with flocking that finishes the colour, allow to dry for at least 12 hours.


Siser Brick HTV may work. It’s laser safe.

Stripflock is not laser safe, but if you are ok with cutting it a different way, that works, too, and Stripflock can be layered.

If you are looking for puffy HTV, i have purchased from this store online this Puff HTV and the owner was pretty responsive when I asked a question, if I remember correctly. It looks like it may be laser safe but I’d ask specifically about this material and the specific colors you are looking for. It says “polyurethane based foaming vinyl that expands during heat transfer. It gives your design texture and a 3 dimensional effect.”


Or you could go a different route and use EVA foam to make something.


I am also a fan of the Siser products. The nice thing about that is you can cut a strip of rectangles and they will all stay aligned on the backing. Just stick it to the material, iron and peel. Fun stuff.

I use this link for settings:


Thanks all for the suggestions (keep 'em coming if you’ve got more!) I had been avoiding the stick-on stuff because there is gonna be a lot of flexing around the joint areas (and where the belt/boots meet the pants) but it might work for the logo on the back of the flight suit.


EVA foam would be what I would start with if you’re looking for elements that have some thickness to them, but that’s a lot of gluing in place that’ll need to happen, so I would also look at thick spray media, like the Plasti-Dip or Rustoleum Peel Coat and mask/templates.


No kidding, that looks amazing!

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Ooh. Can’t wait to see what you think!!!

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Now THAT’s an idea…

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Yeah, don’t really need the thickness. Really just want it to be a contrasting color (and THEN I need to wear it and beat it up because nothing in Star Wars actually looks new…)


OH nice! I have a huge bin of HTV and haven’t tried it in the GF yet, so thank you for sharing the settings!

Can’t wait to hear all about your adventure!

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Color me envious! Have fun!

Decided we needed more Greeblies… But I have a 3D Printer and a Glowforge, so:

Ejection Recovery System (prototype) Eventually it’ll be backlit and the parts will be engraved and painted BEFORE I remove the masking. (Although sloppy and dirty is kinda in-canon for Star Wars)

The red button (hard to tell it’s red) says “Activate Beacon” and the lower area is the (my) pilot’s name.