Crashing waves clock, Thick Acrylic? (Confused)

So we bought the Crashing waves clock from the online catalog and it says under materials needed: Materials: Thick Acrylic (Approx 1/4 in.), Medium Plywood (Approx 1/8 in.)
Completed Size: 8 x 17. So we bought the material from here for it… now we see when we are going to make it, it calls for medium acrylic in our cart, not thick. so which is it, medium or thick? Can someone from Glowforge help with this, we already bought thick.

Thanks for letting us know about this. The design will work with thick or medium acrylic, depending on the length of the shaft on the clock mechanism you purchase. The shaft should be long enough to fit through the total thickness of the materials you’re using.

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