Create bookmarks not accepting Save

Is anyone else experiencing the “Create Bookmark” not accepting SAVE?

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You have to enter something in the “What is this bookmark for?” field before you can save it. It’s working fine.

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No matter what I choose it doesn’t accept Save, I have to close the window without getting a bookmark. :man_shrugging:

Works fine for me with Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

I was using Firefox and to no avail. Per your suggestion, I tried in Chrome and it works fine as expected. Problem solved. Thanks @eflyguy

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What version of FF are you using? I am on 80.0b5, bookmarked this thread just fine.

79.0 for Mac OSX 10.15.3, It says it’s up to date.

I guess you can look forward to the updates! :rofl:

(I’m on the beta program but I use Chrome, I just keep FF around to test stuff like this, web conferences that don’t play well with Mac, and to play Geoguessr)…

I save bookmarks without entering anything.