Created SVG, but still no cut option

I followed instructions on another post, converted some artwork to an SVG, but still my only option is “engrave”. How do I make the Glowforge “cut” versus only engraving a design?

The file must be in a vector format to cut. Since it won’t allow you to do that it is a bitmap. What software did you use to convert it?


I used Inkscape.

SVG is a container file which means it can contain both raster and vector elements. You can trace your design in Inkscape and delete the original. The traced version will be a cutable vector. If you have the Glowforge premium subscription you can place an outline around your artwork which will be a cut path.


Select it in inkscape and use path, trace bitmap. It will overlay the vector on your bitmap so slide it over and delete the original bitmap if you’re happy with the conversion.


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