Creating a box lift lid that is attached and inset, im going crazy, help please!

im going crazy and i feel like i have searched everywhere. this is my first ever post. im a newbie for sure! im going to make a box. ive used the boxomatic and created what i want other than the lid… i saw one on etsy and cant seem to find out how to make it. i only have the glowforge software.

i would like the lid to sit flush with the top, inset i think is the right word. although i want it to lift and stay connected with the lid having a small slot that sticks out and sticks into a small hole on either side of the box. does that make sense? any help would be appreciated!

A pic might help.

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Good point! Here’s the image from Etsy that I saw!

Just create the lid the size of the opening, and add the tabs for the front (for as much overhang as you want) and sides (as wide as the thickness of your material).



that break down helps. you make it sound so easy, i think the trouble im running into is that i only have the glowforge software which feels limited, unless i missing some of the options in there.

Oh… You can make that in the UI. Make your rectangles as shown, then use create outline with 0 offset, that will leave the shape you want.



Thank you! i did that when i made a fishing bobber for a keychain earlier this week. just didnt see the rectangle, so i think i have to make that. thank you for your help! then ill need to add the circles to fit those notches into on my side panels, just making the circles a bit bigger than the tab slots. it may take me a few tries it sounds like.

The rectangle tool is in the Insert Shapes section next to the (+) icon.

You just turn off aspect ratio lock to turn a square into a rectangle.

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oooo, ive used the shapes, where is that setting to turn off the aspect lock ratio?! i see the grouping and ungrouping, copy etc options, and the options to make a puzzle, outline etc.

In the ruler/positioning dialog, bottom left.

who would have thought that little chain link did that. THANK YOU!

Have you worked through the training? There is a whole section on using the Premium Tools. You are directed to it in the browser when you complete machine setup.


i have not. i will do that. the week i set up our glowforge was the best week for our household with sickness, hubby surgery, spring break etc lol. thank you!

When you have the chance, you should check out Inkscape. It is a free vector creation program that many of us use to design our projects for the forge. There is a slight learning curve, but nothing terrible.

There are other programs that can be used, as well, like Adobe Illustrator (paid software). But I use Inkscape.


I just got that the other day to union some letters and I feel so fancy now lol. Thank you! I did figure out my box!


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