Creating a tapered or funneled circle cut


How do I use the cut feature to create a tapered, or funneled, circle cut such that a pencil can easily sit or sink in the hole for marking?



Are you referring to a countersunk hole? To do that you’d do a 3D engrave with an image that would look like a white/gray circle with a gradient to black in the center. The exact gradient of the image would depend on the material you’re using and the slope you want to get. If you search the forum for 3D engrave there’s a lot of discussion on this feature. :slight_smile:

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Can you describe this a little more?

A vector circle cuts. The shape of the kerf gives a very minimal slope to the side of a cut. Are you wanting to make something like this to guide you in making circles or do you want a pencil holder thing?


Yes, countersunk holes. However, how do I create them with the cut feature rather than the engrave feature?


Yeah, similar a little bit to what you have in the image, except the circles are cut in countersunk fashion.

Series of stacked circles at ever so slightly increasing sizes.
Run them all at a power that is not sufficient to cut through, but each smaller size gets a bit more power.
You’d have to experiment to get things right.
So big O at the outside 10% power
… lots of slightly shrinking circles…
Medium O in the half way down in size at 50% power
… lots of slightly shrinking circles…
Small o at the very centre at 100% power.

I suspect that a 3D engraving, with multiple passes probably would be the way to go though.

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To be honest, you’re probably better off just drilling with a countersunk bit afterwards


Is basically how variable engrave works except not in circles,

Thank you sqw.


I would have to agree with this. it is hard to imagine but not all problems can be solved with a glowforge :slight_smile:


One of my first disappointments was realizing that the laser would only cut vertically when so many “blue sky” ideas needed it to operate at an angle. :cry:


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