Creating an ornament issue

I’m getting frustrated trying to make this ornament. I even got Premium and I do like it, but I still can’t get it to outline the item. I added the svg and a screenshot of what I’m doing. I’ve been in communication with Glowforge and followed their advice with no luck. What am I doing wrong?

Fop Police Order of Police Member Vector2

I tried making this with an outline in my usual browser (Firefox) and it failed. I tried again in Chrome and it worked. There is something going on with the outline tool. Try using a different browser.


I’ve gone into Chrome and it still not working for me. After clicking create new outline it just spins. Is the issue what this snip shots shows? I’ve been trying to fix that too. Glowforge said do vector to bitmap and still didn’t work either.


The issue when I tried Firefox was that it would just spin. When I changed to Chrome, it created the outlines. I did not even have to group the text and image for it to work. How do you imagine the outline looking given that you have a round badge and a rectangle below it? Also, did you want a circle at the top for a hanging ribbon?

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