Creating score lines

When creating a design in Illustrator, is there any way that you can" wave a magic wand", save it as an SVG file and upon loading it into the GF IU have certain lines load as score lines or will they always loaded as cut lines and you have to select the score option?

No. All paths will be cut by default. Filled shapes will be engrave by default.



Cuts are scores and scores are cuts, it’s just a matter of settings. They’re really the same thing.

If you’re using proofgrade materials, it has automatic preset settings for cuts and scores, and that can be useful. Unfortunately, there’s no way to automatically have the UI understand your proofgrade settings without manually entering them.

If you’re not using PG materials, you can save a setting as “default score” and enter in something with low power and save it as a cut. I use something like that all the time, I almost never use “scores”.

Currently, the only real pre-loaded configuration we can do is operation order.

By default, engraves come first, so filled shapes and rasters will be your first steps. After that it comes down to stroke color (in ascending order of hex code), which a custom palette can help you organize.


i was hoping for a magic bullet but thanks anyway!

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