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I’m sure plenty of you know about Creative Market, but for those who don’t, it is a good source for fonts, hand-drawn elements, themes and more. The page linked is a font I saw on there this morning that looks nice and clean.

I stumbled across Creative Market recently, and signed up for their email list. They give out some freebies weekly, and I’ve been able to grab a few things that I like so far. The free ones are under their standard license usually, but even it is pretty generous. (You can read more about that on their site…I think they even let you sell an item in one “project” up to 500 times. That’s pretty good!)

I’ve picked up a few font sets, and some hand-drawn feathers (see post in Made On A Glowforge), arrows, branches, etc.

Anyway, it is another good source for some good design elements.

NOTE: that link is an affiliate link. I am one of their affiliates. No, they didn’t tell me to post here. ha ha. I just always like being upfront about something like that.



Yep, Every Monday they offer 6 free downloads. I have been downloading them every Monday for months. Some fonts, some vector graphics, some powerpoint template and some Pintrest/Instagram/Social Media templates. They also run some great bundle packages.

Biggest thing is that if you want to use something from the Creative Market commercially, you need to up your account license. For personal use, the freebie stuff is fully usable.


I haven’t seen any bundles come across since I’ve been following for the last few weeks, but looking forward to it. So far, I’ve been impressed with what I’ve downloaded from them.

Yeah, if you were going to mass produce items, the commercial license is what you would need. I just thought it was cool that even with their Standard License, you can sell some things.

The licenses are covered under License FAQ, but basically:

Items purchased under the Standard License may be used to create End Products for Sale where lifetime sales of the End Product for Sale do not exceed 500 units. Items purchased under the Extended License may be used to create End Products for Sale that may be sold an unlimited number of times.

Usage Type Standard License Extended License
Personal Use Unlimited Projects Unlimited Projects
Commercial Use 1 Project* 1 Project*
End Product for Sale 1 Project, up to 500 sales* 1 Project, unlimited sales*

Still a great deal (freebies and special packages).

BTW, check your account settings to allow promo notifications (Under Settings => Account => Email Notifications)

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Just went and looked…already have them turned on. Good tip!

Just a heads up on Creative Market’s April special (Good until April 16th), here is the link:

April Big Bundle for $39 (claims to be $1476 value)

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