Subway Tile with Flair


I recently saw @glowforge1 post about engraving some tiles. They looked just like the subway tiles I had leftover from our house build a few years ago, except the ones they used were about 5"x5". Mine were more of the standard 3"ish x 4"ish. But I had a whole box of them, so I definitely wanted to try out some engraving on those things.

I picked up some colorful Sharpies just for variety.

I really like how they turned out. The feathers were found from Creative Market mentioned in another post about that design site. The fish design was just found on Google image search when I searched for “Adult Coloring Book Pages.”

The blue one ended up with kind of an ombre look to it. I think it came from using a bit of Windex to wipe off the Sharpie, and it wiped some of it out of the actual engraved parts. I like how it turned out though. For that one, I used a satin acrylic spray to seal it a bit. It gave it a nice matte finish. For the others, I used just some gloss spray lacquer, and I like that the shine was left on them.

For settings and other good info, go read @glowforge1 post here.

More Ceramic Tiles: Upgraded

Awesome effect! This has so many possibilities.


That fish is just too cool! :sunglasses:


They turned out great! Of course, if there is teal … I almost always love it!


Gonna be a lot of custom tile backsplashes out there as a result of the GF I’d bet :grinning:


Very nice. Ceramic tile can be a lot of fun.


Been thru ceramic tiles … will be one of the first projects I introduce to the makerspace in our public library (can’t beat the cost and simplicity) … now headed into cork. :sunglasses::glowforge:


Very nice!


Check out cork placemats at ikea. Really cheap and perfectly sized.


It has my mind reeling a bit.

Once my son saw that one, he HAD to have it!

Yeah, me too.

I think you’re right. Not in my house. I can’t commit so something that permanent for that long. ha

I’ll have to check that out. I picked up some cork pieces at TJ Max recently. I’m not quite sure what they are. They look kind of like trivets, but they’re pretty large. Anyway, a pack of 3 of them came together for $2, so they came home with me.


Wow, that’s neat. I have a ton of left over tiles from when we did our bathroom. Now I have something to do with them. :slight_smile:


I followed all of the settings that @glowforge1 shared and they worked great! I didn’t even experiment any more.