Credit for late shipping

I am a Canadian and the shop was only recently opened up to us. How do I access the $20/month credit that accrued as an apology for getting my machine so much later than the promised ship date?

All I could find in the forum was to go to Settings under my account name/profile and then Billing/Credits. I do not have a Settings section under my profile or in the shop under my profile.

Turns out you go to the shop, put something in your cart, then go to checkout. At the top of the checkout page you’ll get a note saying something about having credit and to click a link to receive the gift cards. you’ll then get email(s) with the giftcard # for the credit that’s on the account.


Also, if you didn’t already know…
To get the founders discount you’ll need to enter “Founders Discount” as a code.


Ok I got the gift card code - thank you! I do not see a place to enter the code though.

Go to shipping. It’ll show up on the right hand side between the list of items and the sub total.

The only thing between the list of items and the sub-total is the spot to enter the gift card.

Yep, enter the founders discount code in that and of course your gift card(s)

That’s not intuitive. Thank you for your help!

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Thanks for the answers @PatrickN, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread, but go ahead and post a new topic if you have any other questions or run into trouble.

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