Crikey! = crumb tray on the Barbie!

I picked up a crumb tray that must have not been cleaned in three years
it was so filthy, i was scraping away chunks of crud off it!! EHWWWWWW

Anyway after 6 washes, power washes, soaking in bleach, ammonia (not at the same time)
single green, fabulosa, dawn, I have given up on it, and decided it was time for the fire cleanse

There has been discussions on putting a tray (just the steel part, folks)
into an oven, and concern that food / laser wood gunk may cross contaminate
so I loaded up the BBQ and trying that - Its in progress, I expect it will take 4-6 hrs
to see any results

so more posts coming.


I have thought of just laser engraving an entire empty crumb tray, but as bad as it is I am not very bothered by it. I have had three machines but only one crumb tray. If I get bothered enough there is always …

Pricey though it is.
Did you try sandblasting it? It would make it brighter :grin:


Its no longer about the crumb tray, this is a spare, its about seeing if I can tilt at windmills (well crumb trays!)



then it would make a great barbecue grill after it is properly coaled. :smirk:

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The answer here is after the intense heat will it warp?


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That seems more like a question than an answer. Are you attempting to get it up to forging temperatures?

I’m trying to burn off the baked on crud, and clean the tray
hopefully without destroying the tray!

(just the metal part, I removed everything else)



I know what you are trying to do. Are to trying to get it to a specific temperature, or just throwing it into the fire to see what happens?

throwing it into fire (700° according to the BBQ therm)

Hoping I’m left with ash


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For hardened steel it could be fine. I doubt that it is made of soft steel.


If you were cooking things that would fall between the barbeque grill they would not do so on the metal part of the crumb tray. At that point if it was at all warped, it would not matter.

Just wondering, would oven cleaner work? That stuff is for baked on gunk inside an oven, why not try it for baked on gunk on the tray.

so its just on the border… Its a fun project to see what stresses you can put on a crumb tray, to clean it.


baked on gunk in an oven is food and fat based, this is sap and glue based.
Spray on oven cleaner MAY work… its on my things to try



And if none of that works, fire it into the sun.


in vegas we have a LOT of THAT :stuck_out_tongue:

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The laser that baked that stuff on there was 'way hotter than your BBQ. Not sure you’re going to see much change there! :wink:


So every few days I have a burning bin of offcuts - seems to get really hot for a couple of minutes.

If your BBQ method works I’m going to try it in the burning bin.

I’ve done some burning with a blowtorch, but not really the right tool for the job. Lot of cleaning afterwards to remove the soot too.

Nevertheless - there has to be a way to de-gunk these trays.


burning got the center area clean, but not the surrounding, so I am onto something, I was able to extend the area using a power washer (nozzle 1/4" inch away from the tray) but its still a long prossess to go…