Crooked Engraving - Engrave not lining up with image on computer

Hi all - just wondering how to troubleshoot this problem… board was perfectly lined up to engrave centred and straight - but the engrave is wonky/crooked and not in the right place. (up too high on the board)
Photo of screen was taken as soon as engrave had finished, lid had not been opened and board had not been moved and was not close to edge or anything, where the arms of GF could have bumped it… machine was correctly cleaned just 1 week ago and has been working a dream ever since

this was the second board of the day - first board was perfect…

Anna :slight_smile:

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Since you say the first board printed perfectly I’m going to suggest you check for any debris in the track or if your tension is too loose? Something could have fallen in on that left side and caused some drag - or the left track could have lost some tension so the pull forward isn’t even…


Thank you so much for your prompt reply!

After posting (and stressing slightly!) I looked for any debris but couldn’t see anything, then I noticed that the whole head and tube were completely on the wonk (obviously off the rail guide somehow) so I gently moved it forwards and then back, and on the backwards movement it went easily back into place… I’m always so careful when putting things in and taking them out so I’m not sure what happened - but I like your suggestion re the tension and checking whether that is correct to prevent this happening again!

Thanks again - really appreciate it!


Yaay! Back online! :slight_smile:

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Yes! Thank you so much!!

Thanks for the answer @deirdrebeth , that’s right! I’m going to close this thread @FlourishingGrace - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Happy printing!