Crowdfunding Pro date estimates clarification

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Congrats on the schedule victories, it’s very exciting to see! I did have a clarification RE: shipping on crowd funded pro units. I had originally agreed to wait on my unit until the air filter was ready to ship, but that was before there were manufacturing delays in the air filters. Looking at my profile page, I have two dates for shipping…Dec 6 for my pro unit and May 20 for my air filter. I assume the old preference to “wait until the air filter” has been disregarded since the air filter manufacturing delays came up? If that’s not the case, given the delays, I’d rather use the unit in the interim with a window vent :wink:

If my “ship date” is December 6, when should I keep an eye open for the various e-mails RE: materials and verifying my address? I’ve been hearing the emails hit about 3-weeks before shipping, but haven’t seen anything since the Oct 12 e-mail.

Again, thanks for continuing to push for us, I cannot wait to get my unit!

December 6th is when you should expect your email asking for your address, not when the unit will actually ship. That could be up to 6 weeks after that date.

I saw this on the other thread…they will ask you if you want to delay the unit when you get the “Golden Email” on or around December 6th. That’s going to be the one that counts, so if you’ve already told them you want to delay and have changed your mind, it’s not going to matter.

And as @josephtpage said…after you get the Golden Email, it can be a few weeks until you actually receive the unit. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the answers @jules and @josephtpage that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for reaching out!