Crumb Tray Locks

I was on the forum a while back and found where someone made a small jig that would help “lock” the crumb tray in place. These “locks” went underneath the crumb tray and prevented the wobble. Does anyone know where they are? I can’t seem to find them.

I have template I created that requires me setup time due to the movement, and removal in some cases, of the crumb tray. I’d like to lock the tray down. Start over on my templates and know 100% that when I put the template in, I can start burning and not have to score masking tape over and over until I’m satisfied that I can “kinda” recreate using my templates.

Does anyone have another suggestion or idea of something I can make to ensure my template is always in the same x/y coordinates?


This one, by my brilliant baby brother? :wink:


Okay, after the boots, make sure you restart the Glowforge each day and when there is any possibility that the head has been bumped.

I’ve also added tape measure to the edges of the tray and made T square with another tape. With this I can place things within a 1/64".


The only thing that ive found has repeatable precision is snapmarks, because it uses the head camera to locate itself, not the lid cam. the lid cam is prone to error


Just for testing purposes, I printed a small design repeatedly with power cycles between each print. They were light scores, and they printed perfectly over the top of each other, with the same precision as if they were multiple passes in the same file.

So locking your jig to the frame, directly or via the bed, should give you the same repeatability.

I never needed this capability, so I’ve not pushed it further by manually moving the head, for example. As stated, the lid camera is not that accurate. I’m fortunate to have snapmarks and they give that same degree of precision no matter where the design is placed.


Thank you, oh so much big sis! Thank you, oh so much baby brother --> timjedwards <-- !!

Burning them now!!!

  • We restart everyday.
  • I will be adding measurements to the sides after the boots in place.

Thank you!

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I do not have the capability to use snapmarks. I’ve tried before, as I was excited to have it, but my software would not recognize it. I found that we bought our GF after snapmarks had come and gone. Is it still correct that we all don’t have access to snapmarks?

Snapmarks were a beta just like the current passthrough program (and played a roll in its development). Only some machines got them, although you didn’t have to sign up for them. They are unsupported for those that still have them.

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I have not tested power cycles on purpose, but I have turned it off and come back the next day and continued using my jigs. Good to know.

I have affixed a “lock” to the top of the tray but have not had sustainable results with it. The tray is the key. How have you locked the jig to the frame? By removing the tray and eliminating that aspect completely?

snapmarks… :pleading_face:

I’ve signed up for the beta passthrough program. I’m looking forward to it!

Jigs rule, snapmarks drool.*

* unless you’re doing print and cut. But who does that?


Um, that would be me. Best use case for snapmarks.


I never have. I have sna… well, you know…

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With or without the alligator skin layer?



(But, yeah, jigs for almost everything. I could do those cards with a jig, too.)


Pictures by chance?

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Of course. No problem.

Each tape was only put down after I was sure the tray was locked down, and zero were repeatable. You can see the tray locks in the photos as well.
Using these renders that precision placement tool as well, an accurate precision placement tool.


Awesome, and Thank you. Now to burn out a couple rulers.

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The first ones I did were from :proofgrade: laminate but for these I used good ones from Rockler.