Crushed mother of pearl inlay


I had a lot of fun playing around with some Easy Inlay mother of pearl inlay powder today. This stuff is fantastic. And it is super easy to use.

First, I found some a cool stock illustration to start from. But the detail in the anchor was to fine so I needed to thin out the lines a bit and invert the color. I also added a stroke around the anchor to keep a gap between the inlay and the rest of the engrave.

I also added a few shapes, the red line in the picture above, to cut out some custom masks to keep the the MOP only in the anchor.

I then just put some painter tape on some cardboard and cut out my mask.

Next was the fun part. Fill the engrave with the powder.

I am missing some photos from the next few steps, but basticly you just cover the powder with liquid super glue and let it soak into the powder. After it dries just sand it down and you are done.

I also tried a version using resin but it is still drying so i’ll have to update the post later with picture of that version as well.

I did have a little resin left over so i tried filling one of my old acrylic engravings with the left over. I cant wait to sand this one down and polish it.

Flake Mother of Pearl inlay

Wow! Those are going to be some gorgeous techniques! :grinning:


Awesome! Also, you are a bad influence! Now I want to buy some of this stuff!


WOW! Please do post the results after you sand the skull.


Man! That is fantastic! You gotta cough up a link to that crushed Mother of Pearl. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Man, my project bin is already overflowing!


I worked with metal for 30 years. Sure i could do inlays,but having this spectrum of possible materials is like a maker’s candy store to me.


Beautiful! I’ve not heard of MOP inlay powder, would love a link. That piece would be lovely on the lid of a box or as a guitar headstock decoration.


Fabulous projects!!!


I’m currently using it on a box cover, but I can think of about a half-dozen other projects that it will sneak its way into.

Here is the link for the MOP.


Awesome work! I love seeing new techniques and materials. Truly inspiring.


Thanks, looks like fun stuff!


Love the crushed Mother Of Pearl inlay technique. Wonder how crushed blue turquoise would look. Can’t wait till I get my GF. Well done.


Thanks for that link! Ordered.
It looks spectacular in your anchor.


Stunning look! Thanks for sharing your method - I bet we’ll be seeing this technique a lot more from now on.


That’s pretty snazzy!


so cool…


Where did you source your super glue from if I may ask? I presume less viscosity is best?


Yes, the less viscosity the better, you want it to easily soak into the powder. I just picked up some from Home Depot, I think any thin liquid super glue will work.