Crystalite sheet - home depot purchase

After a little more research on the UPC code, I found this:
It seems OK to cut.

Does anyone have any info on this particular material?
First of all: Is it safe to laser?
I know I should take the protective plastic off, but do I have to apply some other protective film to avoid burning or melting? Also, any tips on settings would be awesome.
Thanks much!


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Here it is.

It looks like it’s acrylic and (don’t take my word for it) should be safe to cut. I’d want to see a MSDS to be sure but it seems like it’s not pvc anyway.

As for settings I’d say do a test. Here’s how:

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At a quick search, seems to refer to polycarbonate which isn’t suitable. Keep searching for a data sheet on it.

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Thanks for the response! Your link shows a different material.

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Thanks for the info!

From the HD website there is a link to a page on care and cleaning which has another link to the company website for that product. Under the brand “Optix” they state this:
Acrylic is slow-burning or even self-extinguishing, and does not produce harmful smoke or gases in the presence of flame. I don’t see a link to the actual MSDS however but from there you can contact the company.


Thanks so much for the info! Love your name :slight_smile:

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If it’s not polycarbonate, but an acrylic, you then need to confirm if it’s cast or extruded. Cast is what you want–extruded acrylic might work for cutting with the laser (though most laser companies don’t recommend it), and never try etching. (Guessing too low melting point and risk of flames/fire).

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Nope. It engraves fine (as in no fire or melting) but it doesn’t engrave white like cast acrylic does.

I have a stack of acrylic coupons one of the guys at the Makerspace made to show different power/speed settings. I use them to illustrate the difference between cast & extruded.