Curious about time from placing order to machine arrival

I don’t mean to post a problem, more of a question. Many online retailers have spoiled me with same day or next day shipping. I placed my order last Sunday (2/24/19) just curious how long it takes before shipping. I just would like some idea so I can be sure to be home when it arrives. I received my order confirmation number, but at this point, nothing else. Am I just being too anxious? If so, I apologize.

:smile: Yeah, this isn’t a same day shipping kind of product. More like a custom car that they build to spec for you. It can take a little while depending on what they have in stock and what model they are currently building at the factory.

But they will contact you via email when it is ready to ship out, to confirm your address information, so you will have time to make arrangements to be home.

One thing we always recommend…open an account with UPS MyChoice so you can get better tracking information. (You can set up email or text message notifications for when things will be delivered within a certain time frame at least a day in advance, and when this one ships it hits UPS MyChoice first, so you’ll see it several days in advance.)


Ok thanks for the information. I already have my ups app loaded and ready, and FedEx just incase. Trying to cover all my bases. Guess I just need to be patient. :roll_eyes:

That’s great, you’re covered! It’s well worth the wait. :smile:

Pretty sure they’re using FedEx now. If you’ve got both, though, you’re good to go!

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They don’t really do this any more. Now that people order and get a shipment reasonably quickly, they don’t need to confirm addresses, and it seems from recent posts that folks aren’t always getting shipping notifications, either. When I ordered in August, they sent an email confirming that the order was heading out (it did include my address, but had already shipped by that point) with tracking.


Thanks for the answers, everyone. @jbaker1930, since this is about your personal account and order, we will follow up with you through email. I’m going to close this thread.