Curious about time to ship

Hey guys, I wanted to ask the people who have already received their forge.

What was the time duration between getting your “Your glowforge is ready” email to when you received shipping notification and finally received the actual glow forge. I got my first email last week, and assumed it would have shipped by now.

Approximately 3 weeks for me from first receiving the golden email to actually receiving the unit


Thank you, what about the shipping tracking notification?

I think I got the UPS notification about two weeks after the golden email.

Wow… alright, thanks again!

From the Golden Email to actually getting the Glowforge was 16 days. BUT - I didn’t get the shipping/tracking email. It was a Surprise! Ta-Da, here is your baby!


Was that the “Would you like your Glowforge?” “Golden Email” or just the mass email that went out?

The “Golden Email” would be good for you to sign up for UPS Choice to get notifications (shipping label create, product pickup, 1 day delivery notice, out for delivery …).

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Signing up for UPS My Choice is a much better bet than assuming you’ll get a tracking number from Glowforge (or at least getting the tracking number early enough to be useful).

Because UPS may want to send a postcard to your address to verify that it’s yours, it’s best to sign up for My Choice before you get your golden ticket email so you can be sure to be signed up in time.

Median of self reports appears to be about 3.5 weeks from golden ticket to UPS actually has it. But both extremes have happened. That is, it has shipped within the first week as well as, it didn’t ship until 5 weeks later, arriving 6 weeks to the day (first self reported pro delivery).

Thanks everyone, sadly i cannot use the UPS My Choice service as its considered a “commercial address” and their service is only for residential.

Yes PFI-Guy, it was the “Would you like your Glowforge” email.

Bummer. Don’t be surprised if your Glowforge Tracking Email comes less that 24 before delivery.

You might be able to get a tracking number from if you do it after prognosticating the actual “off the dock and on the truck” date :smirk:

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Did you mail box have an issue on the size? I will be picking mine in Point Roberts and I want to warn them. Mine you I had car tires sent there no problem so may be in over worried


No, i should be ok with any size package

I might just do that!

1.5 weeks for tracking email. Another week after that for it to travel across the country.

Total, 2.5 weeks from “Your Glowforge is ready” to “Holy crap there is a Glowforge on my porch!”.


Data is based on self-reported user telemetry. Subject to forum activity bias. etc. etc.


No restriction on size. The mailbox company I use takes like cargos and crates - LOL
The Glowforge is small fry compare to what they get as “big” items. hahaha

Just make sure it will fit in your car. Glowforge did not fit in my car (Horizontally I mean)

I have a Nissen Pathfinder so I can fold the backseat. I just need 2 strong bodies to come with me :grin:

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I would absolutely sign up for ups my choice. I have received numerous items from several different companies that I didn’t receive the UPS tracking number from. However the UPS my choice app let me know as soon as the tracking label was created. I received notification for my CNC machine shipping through UPS my choice but didn’t receive any info from the company until the day I received it.

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Not very heavy, just lots of volume.