Current Max Size


I thought we’re currently supposed to be able to use 19.5" x 11" of the bed:

I’m currently getting ~18" x 11", rendering me unable to cut my 19" design into my acrylic.

Wondering what’s up.


Glowforge won't let me print in top left corner
Camera Alignment

Speed dictates max printable area. Click on manual, and reduce the speed and observe the cutting area.


Current max size for cutting & scoring is 19.5 x 11, but engraving is ~18 (17.99?) x 11 (as of 4 Sep 2017). April-era PRU. YMMV. :try_to_be_helpful_but_not_authoritative:


Got it worked out. I hadn’t set the action to Cut yet. My normal workflow is to place the artwork, then adjust the settings, then execute. But I guess even though there were no settings (still on “enter settings”) it must presume an engrave. Once I set the 19" object to cut, the margins changed.

Thanks, @dwardio and @karaelena!


Glad to hear you’re up and running, thanks @dwardio & @karaelena!

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