Custom card holder



I’ve been making stuff for a local video/board gaming convention coming up in April. Wanted to make some card holders and dice towers.
Found a design I liked on Cartonus and designed it to my liking. It fits at least 60 cards in standard protective sleeves and has extra room for dice and/ or counters.
The YuGI YO one is actually for my son…test run if you will…lol
For locals, they can come by the shop and add custom engraving.

Etched through the masking and sprayed it with black acrylic. I use standard vinyl decal transfer tape which comes off easily with my white duct tape that I have in my office :grin:

Gave the front side multiple coats of shellac and the back/inside black.

Masking the front gives a nice clean hinge

Extra room in the side for dice and counters etc.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 25th, 2017

That is SWEET!!


Those ought to sell well! :smiley:


That’s a great design! I suggest that you also make a couple that are big enough to hold 100 cards, and then some that are big enough to hold 100 double-sleeved cards. Commander players would love something like this!


I was looking into side by side boxes for the larger decks so it would be a bigger book size…this one, proportionately, would be too high I think…


That Rocks Laser Lady!
Thanks for the inspiration :sunglasses:


Oh goodie–a new project from Mom! I love it, and especially the clever latch!


You make all the coolest stuff and I am so anxious to make a project that uses a living hinge. :grinning:


Might be interesting to explore making the long wrap-around piece out of leather. You could hold the latch on with a rivet.


That is a nice construction. Great use of shapes, engrave, fasteners, living hinge, paint, finish. Catchy graphics. It’s got it all!


Maybe…but the price point will be much higher…this show is not big on sales…
We are doing airbrushed tattoos and facepainting as the main $ maker…the rest is more advertisement for the custom stuff…


You always do such brilliant work! I want to be like you. :blush:


Love the latch especially. The living hinge is awesome too.


Yeah I cheated and got the rotating latch idea off the cartonus box but I’ve got other ideas of doing it a bit different that wont wear on the top of the box as much…


That “taping the front while spray painting the back hinge” tip for clean edges… that’s solid gold tippery, right there. :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:


Now I am getting really learned, mom. Everyone has my greatest respect.