Custom key caps

I suppose I should be looking in some subridit but you guys are my go to.

If you wanted a custom key cap how would YOU approach it?

I’m trying to find my topic about but can’t. I had the macro keypad no but made a bigger one with mechanical keys. Did the solder job and everything.

I used veneer and inlay. 3D printed caps. Works great.

I think some 3d engraving would be pretty cool.

Standard clicky keyboard or notebook types?

I’d like to use my new resin printer to do a better job on the keys. It just barely gets the posts and detents right on an FDM.

I really want to make my own ergonomic design that’s split and custom to my hand dimensions. Stretch goal. Not hard at all with an ESP32, some diodes, wires and soldering. I haven’t been able to get to the battery power yet. That’s another level of electronics for me.


What kind of key did you have in mind? did you want to make it on the glowforge? or looking for a place to order a set?

Was this what you were looking for?


Open to all ideas. Kind of want to keep things in house unless there is something cheap but good that can be ordered.
Thinking standard clicky cherry keys most likely.

All great ideas, I’m working on a related project but thinking of using a fairly standard mechanical keyboard but with custom key caps to show the new functionality.


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It would be pretty eazy to cut a slot to accept the post from the key switch. For my keys its just a + . Once you had that base layer you could just stack up a few to get the profile and height needed tipped with an engrave or clear acrylic with the letter under it to keep it clean. something along those lines maybe, thats how i would start anyway


This is why this place is my go to.

Yes, I think the whole key could be cut out as layers and might even end up with a unique look.

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It would be a nightmare but it would be really cool to stack up thick cardstock or something like that alternating colors or patterns heh or just to add a little accent color between layers

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That is probably more time than I want to spend but I have to say maybe to that as the effects you could get, well I’m visualizing it and it is stunning in my head!


My key caps right now


DED :rofl:


Yeah, I had that one but thought I had posted a build about the bigger one where I made the full keyboard with mechanical keys like I posted in the pics. Realize I never got around to posting that project. Didn’t get many build pics before I did assembly.

I have it in church running the streaming software so the folks who are doing the camera control just have to press buttons that are coded to the macros to switch scenes. It works great. It’s also bluetooth connection but still haven’t gotten the battery for the full wireless.

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