Custom Keychains for Mom's coworkers

My dear, sweet mother was nice and supportive enough to be my first “custom order” customer. She had me make 20 cork fabric keychains with her company’s logo as gifts for her coworkers. Half are Ocean Blue with copper hardware, the other half are light gray with gunmetal hardware. Here’s hoping her coworkers are impressed and check out my Etsy!

UPDATE: Posted the template for this keychain on the Free Laser Desgins Forum!


Oh MOM! Nice work! And great MOM!


They look great, nice job.

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She’s a keeper! That cork fabric really makes nice keychains.

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Cork fabric??? I never heard of it, but now I am glad I know of it! What a great twist on keychains!!! Nice job!!!

May I ask where you obtained the cork fabric?

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It’s been a popular topic lately – here are some threads with sources in them:


@violettatalley if you check out the cork fabric wallet posted by @thomascops we go into some detail in the comments about different sources!


You have to live Moms! Nice job!

Nice! I’m loving the variety of projects you’re getting into!

Those are nice looking keychains – I’d be interested in the hardware source if you’re up to sharing.

@redshift Of course! Just some little sets I ordered from Amazon cheaply.



The rivet set comes with the tools for stamping out the hole (which I just cut with the GF) and the tools to secure the rivets. You will need a mallet and a hard surface.


These are nice. I haven’t ordered any cork fab yet but plan to when I get home from vaycay. Looking forward to trying out some different designs.

Thanks for the inspiration.