Simple Keychain (Cork Fabric, Leather, etc)

Posted these cork fabric keychains that my mom ordered for her coworkers in the Made on the Glowforge Forum and thought I would share the template. I don’t see why these couldn’t just as easily be made with leather or similar materials.

If you open the file in AI, Inkscape, etc. you will notice a blue bordered box in the middle. This should be deleted and is only intended as a reference for the engraveable space once the keychain is folded and rivet added. For added reference, the “CLM” logo in the photo above is a bit smaller than that space, approximately an inch wide, while the visible space is about two inches.

You can hopefully see in the second photo how they are assembled, which is pretty straightforward. The hole on the right end is sandwiched between the two holes on the left, then a rivet is attached through all three. A keyring is then looped through the left end with the two semi-circle cutouts.

KCW template (2).zip (21.8 KB)

Let me know if you have any questions! :blush:


Thanks for the file!


Nice, thank you!

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I am not able to get this file to open. After I download, I get a network error when I try to open it. Has anyone successfully downloaded and opened the file?

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@dklgood Uh oh! This is only my second time doing the whole zip file thing so I may have done it wrong. Let me see if I can make it work. Sorry about that!!

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@dklgood I’ve edited the original post and zipped the file again from scratch. Please let me know if it works!

Thanks, now it works.

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Thank you so much for your file! Very kind of you.

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May I ask where did you source your cork leather and what settings you used? Would love to use a vegan alternative to leather.

Several sources mentioned around the forum. is popular.

I bought a bunch from a Portuguese Etsy seller since it was competitively priced (but a couple week wait time due to shipping and customs): is also mentioned around the forum.

I haven’t used mine yet, so I can’t speak to the settings.


AWESOME! This helps alot… thanks

Sorry to wake the old thread, but might you have a link for the kind of rivet tool you used for these keychains? That looks very handy.

You might look at small Chicago screws that require nothing but a couple of screwdrivers.

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That’s a good idea. I am not sure they come short enough but I should have an assortment on hand either way.

I’m not the OP, but those look like pop-rivets which just require a hammer and a hard surface (there are tools if you want them)


Or here

can you please link where you buy your hardware from please. thank you

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This post is over three years old and the author has not been active on the forum for some time.

I guess this is an example of where it can be confusing to open an old post. haha Though I know how it feels to want to reopen it. There are times when I read a post and didn’t realize how old it was and wanted to ask questions.


Been ther done that. Still do :joy:

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