Custom Leather Dog Collar

Here is a collar I made for my Bassett Hound Snoopy. The collar is a kit sold by Tandy Leather Co. I used the Glowforge to etch the Snoopy and scored the text “SNOOPY”. I then hand tooled around all of it as if it were a hand cut piece. I was very happy with the results. I used the Glowforge on the Snoopy collar, the Waylon collar, for my wire haired Dachshund, is completely hand tooled to resemble the guitar strap Waylon Jennings used.


but but - where are the pictures of Snoopy and Waylon?
We can’t truly review your project without puppy pics :stuck_out_tongue:

They look ab fab, especially the sharpness around Snoopy. Well done!


I had a feeling that I would get this request. Here are the boys with their collars and then a follow up picture of them from the front. Thank you for checking out the collars.


Nice looking collars and dogs. Thanks for the puppy pics. Most days are greatly improved by pictures of dogs.


You and me both Waylon.

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Very cute! And, nice nameplate for your Glowforge.


The collars are GREAT —— your babies are absolutely so precious!!!

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Wonderful! Would you mind sharing your dying/painting process?


Great collars, awesome dogs and I like your glowforge customization.

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Love it!! What paint did you use?

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Thank you. I love customizing things, so naturally I HAD to customize my Glowforge. Thanks for looking.

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I used Angelus acrylic leather paint for the red and white and Eco-Flo for the black. Then I sprayed a clear coat over it. (Rust-Oleum gloss clear)


I love those! Perfect idea!

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Thanks for sharing!!

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The collars are fantastic!!! Love them so much. Can you recommend where to buy leather, or most importantly, what kind of leather should I buy to make a strap for my ukulele?