Engrave materials

What kind of materials can you use glowforge on other then leather?

stuff… lots and lots of stuff…

wood, glass, ceramics, pretty much anything else “organic”


So you can’t do like a cat collar? NO materials?

It says you can do food

If you want to do food, it should be done with a Glowforge that will be used for only that…otherwise, you would be getting fumes and residue from other materials in the food. Think of some material you’re interested in using your laser for then use the search tool here in the forum and you will find multitudes of posts about all of them.


I thinking dog colars

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Here’s one link to start you out…I found this by doing a search.


You have to be sure whatever you put in your glowforge does not contain vinyl as this will ruin the inside of your machine. Any time you are unsure about a material you will have to do your homework to find out what it is made of or do a test for vinyl with a copper wire and a flame. There are types of leather that are not recommended as well due to the chemicals used to treat them. You will have to figure this all out.


Please see the Materials section from Glowforge: https://glowforge.com/faq


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