Custom Macro Keyboard

Used a Arduino Pro Micro inside a little laser cut box to put together a custom macro keyboard. The buttons just output a specific keyboard sequence to the computer, and that is picked up by Better Touch Tool to then run whatever specific commands I need.

For example, when Chrome is foregrounded the buttons take me to various different websites I utilize frequently for work.

The pro micro makes this trivial, since it’s recognized as a keyboard input device out of the box.

Design AI and SVG (2.89mm) files if you desire them. I didn’t realize until it was cut that you can’t actually fit both triangle pieces in. But only 1 (per end) is actually needed. So you can save that bit of material and only cut 2/4.
89mm (305.3 KB)



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Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

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I’m curious.

Is Better Touch Tool a Mac version of something like AutoHotKey?


I would love to put all the Inkscape keyboard shortcuts onto a custom pad like this. Some are easy with a keyboard with a left hand doing the shift/alt/ctrl keys but it’s the stretch to the right keys that slows me down and takes my hand off the mouse.

I know all the time I spend in designing and building it would be made up fairly quickly in shortcuts, but it’s that initial work that delays a project. Yours is pretty nifty. Love those buttons.