Custom Mustang GT 5.0 Engine cover insert

Made this custom insert that goes on the engine cover of my Mustang. Wanted to be a little different and stand out a little more. Still designing other parts as well. More to come soon.


Nice. Show us a picture of it installed too! What did you make it out of, and what year is your car?


Very nice! Definitely would like to see it when installed.


It’s made out of 3mm clear acrylic and painted black. I flipped the image and engraved on the painted side. It’s on a 2020 Mustang GT Premium. I will definitely post more pics when it’s installed. Should be sometime tonight or tomorrow.


Thank you, I definitely post pictures after its all done and installed.

Here’s the concept of the final product. Still have to tweak and cut the bottom


Since we’re talking Mustang, I have one that’s old school - like me.

At 100,000 miles I gave it a new engine with a bunch of upgrades, rebuilt the transmission, GT suspension, and new interior. Right at $10,000 in parts and all the labor was mine too!

I left the AM radio, but the car doesn’t even have speakers in it, the exhaust note is the music I listen to. :wink:

Show us some pictures of your ride when you get that engine cover installed!


And have a controversial one for Mustang fans. :slight_smile:


where is it, behind that red hatchback? :wink:


i like that car but i am not on board with call it it a mustang. Their toys , their rules but sheeesh.


Can’t let my husband see this…

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This may cause a heart attack for Mustang people:

We traded in my wife’s Escape for it. She thought it would make a good replacement. :smiley:


The times, they are a-changin’. BEV or hybrid?
That beautiful car I just showed you? You should see the layer of dust on it now. Bought a Tesla Model 3 in 2018 - that’s how thick the dust on it is. I do kinda miss the thunder, but the first time I put my foot in that Tesla it was all over. :crazy_face: I never saw that coming. I should sell that thing so someone could enjoy it like I did, but I bled blood and treasure on that car and am still attached to it.
I just went to the gas station for fuel to till the garden and had to learn how to operate a gas pump again. Besides the instant torque, a favorite aspect of electric is the regenerative braking. I see all the brake lights around me as people turn their kinetic energy into heat wearing the brakes while mine is feeding the battery.
Comparatively, there is a ridiculous number of moving parts. The purpose of this device is to make that little black wheel on the bottom go around…

I know right? I don’t think that’s as bad as calling the (80’s?) small form 6 cylinder a ‘Charger’.


Full Electric.

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I think that’s a solid step up from the escape. How does she like it?

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She does a lot, but a couple things bother her. 1. Being Ford’s very first EV it has few bugs to iron out. and 2. She’s a bit of an introvert and the car gets some attention.

The EV really fits her driving habits and works well for her. She’s never had to charge outside of home.


I still remember the ‘range anxiety’ I had when making the transition. Charging at home has changed my world. Tank is always full. Unfortunately, renters and apartment dwellers don’t have that option.
Next step will be solar for the house, I hope to live long enough to drive my car on sunshine instead of petrochemicals.


That’s incredible, I never thought to do that.

That is a beautiful car, I like it a lot.

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Well it was a long irritating day to say the least. Lol I removed all the parts I was replacing so when the new parts arrived I could put them on. Well, they sent the wrong cover for the fuse box, they sent the Airaid Cold Air intake but forgot the intake tube, I lost my wedding ring somewhere in this process and to top it off I couldn’t get the dang GF to focus. But I got it done finally. Although I had to put the factory Air intake back on and couldn’t use the Airaid Cold Air Intake I’m happy with it. I’ll have to get with American Muscle and get them to send me the correct intake tube. So here’s a couple of pics of it so far.