Custom Porch Sign w/Tile and Wood

My aunt is visiting and she put me to work! It’s fun making gifts for people, but I do get bored making the same designs again and again, so when she challenged me to make these signs, I was ready to go. A few years back during the ceramic tile mania that swept the forum, I had purchased some 13"x4" tiles. Never used them, and the other day while looking in my closet, I noticed they were still there. My aunt asked me to make her some signs, and immediately I thought about the tiles.

These are meant to hang, so I put a couple of holes in the back braces. I left space between the tiles and the braces for a piece of twine or something else to be put in later, then filled the gap with felt between the brace and tile where the string won’t be affected by it.

The frame isn’t too complicated, there’s the face where everything in the back connects to, the back frame is a pretty close fit around the tile’s perimeter, then the braces so the tile doesn’t fall out.

This was a fun project for sure, and tiles that have been sitting in my closet for three years are now going to be sent away! The slippers on the tile are made from Koa Veneer that has also just been sitting in my closet for a while. Now if only I could do that with some of the scrap pieces of Proofgrade I got with my original sample pack :sweat_smile:


As for coloring the tiles, I masked them, then cooked them in the GF, afterwards just used some spray paint. The family names I used the old sharpie trick.


Nicely done! I love your ability to churn things out quickly. I mean, you’ve got some projects that you talk about fiddling with for a while, but so many others where you are completed in a few hours and they look so finished :smiley:


Haha you’re right about that! I do let some projects roll around in my head for a while, but the last few really have just been just over a few hours. Love these ones that I can just make in a day, the Glowforge is such a fantastic toy!


I know right?! for me to have this at my disposal in retirement is amazing. :sunglasses:


Nice job! I’ve got a stack of those tiles as well—still haven’t done anything with them.


I used a permanent black sharpie but it faded in the sun. It is hot glued in place so I will need a heat gun to remove it and my back will not allow that even if I could find the heat gun.

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I used to seal the engraved sections after, but I didn’t this time, since it’s for my aunt, I’ll just let her know to reapply sharpie if it fades and bothers her :+1:t4:


Exactly! I was reminded how fun they were, especially with a frame, but I was also reminded how absolutely messy they are, as well. My Glowforge looks as if a talcum bomb went off in it :boom:


I always wanted to put that saying at our house when we had our timeshare in Maui. But in winter, spring, fall in Northeastern Nevada where we lived at the time - there was always snow! No one was going to take their shoes off before coming in! :sweat_smile:

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I have such a hard time when I visit family anywhere on the mainland now, because watching everybody come in with their shoes and walking all of the carpets hurts haha. I grew up in that sort of environment so it used to be weird when people took theirs off, funny how perspective can change


I saw it just today and the clear spray I used has turned brown as well :frowning:

I believe I’ve used the non yellowing stuff in the past, can’t say how long that lasts, though!

These look great. The frame with the hanging mechanism looks quite intricate!


These are very nice!!


Like the frame you came up with. Great work! I’m sure your aunt was thrilled.


So thrilled, she continued to put me to work! I’ll be posting the other big project she had me work on, tomorrow, probably.


These turned out amazing, and your design is so cute!

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Thank you!

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I like your tile frame did you use a box generator to make it