Custom settings for 1/8" Black Acrylic? Glowforge Aura

I am trying to make a cut design into black acrylic that is 1/8" thick on a Glowforge Arau. I keep finding posts here saying yes it is possible, but no one is posting the settings? Does anyone know the settings I should be using to get through the acrylic? Thanks.

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Check out #6 for a cut test procedure:

The aura should be able to cut it with a few passes.

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Aren’t there Proofgrade settings for medium black acrylic already programmed into the machine? (Don’t have one, so I am not for sure). Pretty much all black acrylic is close enough to use PG settings, even if it isn’t PG.


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Are there Proofgrade settings for 1/8" acrylic? When you click the material tab in the interface look for medium black acrylic.


It’s preprogrammed already



I did several tests and not happy with result. The last settings were 5/10 power x3 passes. The edges are rough. I’d like to know if there is a good way to polish them up. I filed off the rough edges with a jewelry file. Ughhhh.

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Thanks for all the replies. I found using the built in Black acrylic setting and changing it to ten passes and running it 2-3 times. The design pops right out.


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