Custom table for my Forge

Realizing that I’m actually going to get one of these things reasonably soon and that I had nowhere in the house for this thing to live, I’ve embarked on a fun project to build some new custom table/shelving/desk furniture for my office.

I’ve just completed the first stage of the build (the Glowforge table itself), and just wanted to share. As a web dev/programmer by trade, it feels good to make physical objects for once in my life, rather than virtual :slight_smile: Looking forward to many more physical builds once the laser arrives!

Top is reclaimed California redwood framing timbers from a salvage yard in San Gregorio, CA. Framing is standard 1/2" gas pipe - all painted with Rustoleum Oiled Bronze metallic spray paint. End caps are just rusty old angle-irons I got for free that I just sanded down and painted to match.


well thats pretty!

That’s wonderful!

It’s really nice looking! And looks like it’s built like a Sherman tank. It won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. Great job!

Very good.
Nice job re-tasking that timber.

Very cool and professional looking.

Very nice! That wood is beautiful!

I am a video editor, so I can totally identify with the need to create physically vs virtually. You aren’t alone! :wink:

Beautiful work!

It’s lovely for any purpose–seems kind of a shame to hide it under equipment in a workshop!

Thanks! I agree it’s a bit sad to hide it under a Glowforge (which will take up almost 100% of the surface… I have a small office and didn’t leave a lot of margin just to try and keep everything as tight in there as possible). However, I take comfort in the fact that I’m also building a matching desk in the same style, that will be much more uncovered, and will hopefully turn out just as nice looking.


Really good work. You have created a table that will last a long time. It wants to be used and it is shouting heirloom to me. Bravo.

That looks awesome! My wife and I are planning on doing something similar, but we might use a butcher block counter top for it. I’m hoping it turns out half as nice as this!

That’s remarkably beautiful and simple. I’ve made much more complicated furniture that was not nearly as attractive.


Thanks @dan! Now just send me something to put on it :wink:


Beautiful work @elrond!!! The reclaimed redwood is gorgeous. Even if the top gets covered up, you still have those amazing tool-marked edges…makes me want to drop everything and just build something!

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Very nice! This is going in my idea file as I work on furniture for my new office/studio where the Glowforge will live (along with other equipment and a layout table).

I love the reclaimed wood top. Beautiful work!

Beautiful–great combination of the black pipe and dark wood.

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I purchased this workbench at Costco when it was on sale for $199 and should be a great bench for my Glowforge. Has heavy duty wheels so I can move it from inside to outside. Can’t wait. love your workbench. I posted mine just in case someone wants one from Costco. I think they are $299.

Thanks, Rod


Very nice! SamsClub has a similar one I’ve considered. But both are only 19" wide, nearly 2" narrower than the GF. Do you anticipate any problems placing it on top?

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