Custom Wallet

Customized 12 dollar wallet.


Also some little acrylic poker chip holders for the Christmas tree.


I engraved the same wallet!!!

I got mine at Ross. Seriously spent 12 dollars including tax. I made one for someone else but can’t find the pics.

The wallet - is that directly under a laser? Or is there some coating you are ‘burning’ on? (like Ceramark for leather…?)

That is directly on the wallet. It basically just removed the smooth finish on the wallet, and it looks kinda like suede now. Over time the color faded to where it’s is pretty much just grey now.

I also lasered the inside and that still has that brownish color. probably because it doesn’t hand oils and stuff on it.

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How did you turn it gold? Or did you only etch the name in the bottom right corner? What’s confusing is the 2nd photo only shows gold so it would be odd to show the part that you did not etch, if that makes sense :O)

The bottom right corner is a stamp pressed into the leather by the manufacturer (Kenneth Cole.) The gold is the lasering.