Custom wedding coasters

Last minute wedding present idea… No problem! Lovin’ the new Glowforge!


Ayup. A Glowforge is eally great for those last minute ‘somethings’.


Everybody loves a coaster! Ain’t nothing like kicking off your life together knowing that the coffee table will not have watermarks! Nice job! The graphics and fonts are very nice -especially the second from the right.


They will be ready to coast through life now.


Like that you gave them variety! Great looking coasters!


You ain’t kidding lol

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Very nice! Love the way cork looks once it’s engraved, and these are all very well designed!

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So how do you get it dark like ink like that?? Sorry I’m new to the game & want to know before I receive my glowforge next week. TIA

Per forum guidelines, you can’t discuss settings for non-Proofgrade material in this forum, only in Beyond the Manual.

If you search there, you’ll plenty of threads on working with cork.

Okay gotcha! Thank you!

I did try settings found on the Beyond the Manual board (Coastering in with some cork samples). It’s just engraving once you find a setting that works :wink:

It really is just a function of engraving the cork. The laser burns the cork and that is what changes the color. It will all become clear once you get your Glowforge.

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Those turned out great - I know they’ll be so pleased to get them!

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