Customer service hell. My Glowforge Story


I understand what you’re getting at, by making a bunch of noise I’m potentially causing more work for people at Glowforge. The squeaky wheel gets the grease though. The areas I’ve posted are not monitored by support. I’ve sent emails. I’ve done everything I can do to get responses and I’m still getting nothing from the support team. Here I am causing as much noise as possible hoping someone in another area of the company will see it so I can actually have my issue resolved. The entire time I’ve been extremely polite to the support team because I’ve worked in many levels of support before and I know how bad it can be dealing with an irate customer.

I’m sure other customers are having issues too but the absolute lack of support from the team has been almost impressive. Their support team even admitted it was like lightning striking twice that I’ve had so many issues… And then they proceeded to disappear into the void again for another week without helping me.



I hear you. Good luck, I really am curious how this will play out.



I have a tracking number now.
Fedex also called me saying that I will owe duty and tax on the accessory pack, meaning that I will be paying duty and tax on it twice, where the cost of the crumb tray was already folded into the cost of the Glowforge itself for the original shipment.
Really hoping Glowforge helps out with this one. Not only would I have waited over a month but I’ll also be out of pocket even further for the mistake.

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They’ve always shipped separately. Is that the problem? If so, it’s not a mistake, it’s an unfortunate local tax law consequence of the design.



I got multiple boxes as part of one shipment with my delivery. Because the cost was wrapped into the cost of the overall multi-box shipment I was not charged any extra. I had one fee.
If the crumb tray arrived in that shipment it would have been the same.

Edit: They also said in their emails that they are trying to get me the package without any additional fees



boo, that sucks.



At the end of the day, it comes down to filling paperwork out properly for customs purposes. It’s never a local (or read federal) tax issue.
If a package is lost, then the customs documentation should list Warranty Replacement or something similar. This indicates that taxes have already been paid on said item and are not to be charged again. Either way due diligence is required on the shipper to ensure that the paperwork is filed correctly. Much less painful to get it right the first time, rather than trying to correct stuff after the fact.

This is one of my biggest gripes with a large number of US companies as they don’t understand that you can’t just shove stuff in a box and send it across international borders. It’s not overly complicated for most items and there are plenty of companies that have figured out how to do it seamlessly (both big and very small). But there are a number of documents that need to be included with the correct information for things to go smoothly.
However, I will say that some of the courier companies do not make it all that obvious on what specifically should be indicated on the paperwork.



“a terribly frustrating experience”

I am more frustrated as much as u do… I waited more than 5 years…this is rediculous. Maybe Facebook page and inbox CEO would help…
As a MYP teacher 500 kids waiting for the machine… until my student graduated… they never see the real Glowforge…

Here!!! Another frustrated client…



Hey I get it. The wait really sucks. I’d still be waiting for even my Glowforge if I didn’t downgrade from the pro to the basic.

I’m not sure if over 5 years is entirely accurate though. Preorders opened in 2015, So people that ordered day one and are still waiting haven’t quite waited 4 years yet. Either way, its still horrible.

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Right, then, it is 4 and half year :laughing::laughing::laughing:



Well, I got my Glowforge crumb tray finally. I got it on Tuesday and instantly started having problems with the glowforge itself. It seems like my engraves are ghosting/duplicated.
I’ve sent an email to the support team and have yet to hear back from the support team with any troubleshooting steps. Maybe someone in this thread can help with the issue. I’ve tried with both my own designs and with the 'gift of good measure that is usually used as a troubleshooting piece. The ghosting happens no matter where I put the design on the board.

Here is a google drive link to all of the pictures I took. All of it was engraved on medium draftboard.



Can only think of two possibilities. The head lens in upside down or a major material height error. Probably the lens.

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How would I go about checking the lenses?
I inspected the lens in the side of the head and the one on the bottom of the head and it looked fine to me, but I dont know exactly what I’m looking for. I literally just popped the head onto the gantry following the setup instructions, put in a piece of medium draftboard, loaded up the project and started the print



If you haven’t pulled the lens from the bottom of the head for cleaning before then it is less likely to be wrong. You can use the blue lens tool to remove it. The bowl side of the lens should point into the head and the flatter side out. Maybe you could upload pictures of the engraves you say are ghosted for the community to see and comment.



That’s happened on a relatively small number of units, but I can never recall the search terms to bring it up in Problems and Support. Every case of it that I can recall, that’s been posted here, has had to be replaced.



If you take a look at the google drive link I posted above all of my pictures are there



I really hope that is not the case. With the heartache i’ve had so far I REALLY hope they can come up with another solution. scores and cuts seem to be fine.



Apparently I said almost the exact thing in that thread also… found it, at least!

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Looking at the pictures I didn’t see the double lines on the GOGM. Though I’m on a phone now. The pics with the pointers look like file problems to me. What do other folks think? Hard to diagnose from a blurry phone.



Can’t help with the ghosting question - but on one of your images you commented about “lines showing up on the print that are not in the vector”
That happens when you’ve got open paths in your design - the :glowforge: is doing it’s best to try and figure out what you wanted and sometimes it concludes that you wanted a line (you never want a line, but it’s a computer not an artist :-P) SO - go back into your vector and find those open paths and that should be fixed