Customer service ignoring my emails

I’m supposed to be exchanging my unit. I originally got an email from a Steve, then a Brindi now that I want to initiate my exchange I get no response. If this is what customer service is going to be like I might just sell off my unit and buy an epilogue. So unhappy

You don’t say how long ago you became aware that you needed to get your unit replaced, or how long ago you received responses from support to begin the return process. I’m sure since at least two support reps have been in touch that you are in the ‘loop’ and will hear from them, soon. Please try to be patient.

I’m so sorry to hear about this. The team is currently looking into why we might not have received your previous emails. I’ve followed up with you via a private message here on the community forum so we’ll be sure to get your reply. I want to help sort out all the details for you as quickly as possible. Again, I sincerely apologize.

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