Customer service is horrendous

It’s so sad I have to continue to start threads, every time I start one I finally get an answer! My glowforge has been dead since November, camera not taking a picture. Last week finally after all the bs they finally said they were sending me a replacement I just had to reply with some cut and paste saying…. Then nothing, no response, no update??? Please glowforge, how do you expect anyone to be happy about this? I just want an update? Will I ever be able to use my glowforge again? I haven’t even had it a year!

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Ugh. I unboxed mine yesterday and the lid was broken. Emailed and sales said it’s a technical problem and they are turning it over to them. Still haven’t received an email from tech support with instructions on how to return/replace. CS should definitely be better for this dollar amount. I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues and hope they are resolved soon!

At first they were responding back the next day, then I turned into a week then they ghosted me. They said the black cable was broken on mine, almost a month to get it and it didn’t fix it. Then they tried to turn around and tell me it was my wifi, like why didn’t we lead with that? I legit had to come on the forum just to get a response. They finally said they would replace it but they have once again ghosted me. I missed the Christmas season, and now I’m going to miss out on valentines as well!

I’m so sorry for the communication gaps over the holidays. I’m reviewing your records right now and will be reaching out shortly with next steps to get you back up and printing!