Customer service shipping date need answers

I ordered the glowforge pro on December 17th, the pro estimated shipping date was January 14th 2020… still waiting for a tracking number… contacted support and got a vague response but no answers of when it will be shipped… I understand it takes time to ship a glowforge but the only reason I bought it is because of the shipping date… I just need someone in glowforge to give me a straight answer, this is a lot of money to play around… if not I will have to cancel and just drive to Orlando and buy a boss laser… I supposed to be with my son in Florida right now but im stuck here waiting on a laser that may come in a month or who knows… just need a date so I can make plans accordingly… im planning to use this for light business and im scared to death that if it breaks I will have to wait for eternity to get a part or answers… PLEASE CONTACT ME… thank you.

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I am in similar situation. I ordered mine on December 19th and had a estimate of delivery today (1/16/20). I asked last week and did get a response that it was still showing as on track. Well it is still showing as “Unfulfilled” when I lookup my order but the Estimated day of delivery still shows today. I know that is not happening because I am signed up for FedEx & UPS Alerts for my address. I requested another update 2 days ago because I saw it hadn’t yet shipped and knew if it hadn’t that there was no way it was delivering today. I never heard back from anyone on my second request. I went through the affirm payment plan when I checked out. My first payment is due in 4 days and my unit has not even shipped!

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my FIRST payment will be the 18th, if I have not heard a straight answer by them I will cancel this order before my payment and go with boss

Not necessarily. I never did get a tracking number, and it didn’t show up on my ups or fedex delivery account. It just showed up one day. Fedex guy rang the doorbell once & took off. I had to chase the fedex truck down the street to retrieve it.

Understand your frustrations. Key word there is estimate.
The machines are built for the company by Flex, not glowforge in Seattle. There are variables in the manufacturing process that can influence production, that’s why you get an estimate.

The founding customers (I was one) paid in full on October 2015 with an estimate of receiving it within a few months. After a string of 6 month delays we got them 2 years later.
In retrospect I can say I’m glad I waited.

Good luck with your choice.

I understand the 2 year waiting, however the only reason I bought it is because of the estimated time…

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I understand :+1: I bought it because the price was thousands less than was available anywhere else for the quality, and I had dreamed of having the ability to do laser art for decades.
I did not expect the long wait, patience was not something I was known for… :unamused:

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haha same here, by about year 4 it was getting a bit unbearable for me but in the end worth the wait.

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I doubt I could have endured that!

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Towards the end of the wait i was falling into the glowforge is a scam camp. didn’t know what to think anymore, seen my expected shipping date come and go so many times so many yrs and without much reason given as to why. I actually found out my machine was ready to be delivered because i came in there to demand a refund because i couldn’t take it anymore lol. seen the email as was like… did i dream this?


And many of us waited much longer…3 years and 1 month for me.


I understand you waited a long time but the only reason I bought it is because they said it was only a month…


I knew there would be a wait involved but had no idea at the time how long it would take them to clear deliveries to Canada. All said, I am very happy with the machine and I’m glad now I waited. It was painful though lol.

Same boat. Mine was ordered as a gift before Christmas with an expected delivery date of 1/15. Still no tracking number on the 16th and order still says “unfulfilled”. No answers from email inquiries just automated replies. But they are still sending marketing material. Why can’t a person directly respond? This is scary, for the amount of money these machines cost. What qill happen if I need help once it’s here??

how long ago did you get the automated reply? just curious to compare it to the time its taken them to get back to me in the past with a real person

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.