Customer Service?

I have been dealing with cs for going on 8 weeks now. Started out with machine just centering. Replaced black lid cable nothing. Then 2 days later my machine wouldn’t turn on at all. Again emailing back and forth with cs which takes a whole day to get a response and they want me to send machine in for $851 plus $200 shipping. Out of warranty with hardly any hours on it. But then on fb all i see are people complaining how bad their machines are but they are getting their (out of warranty also) machines replaced for free or for $500. I questioned the cs reps i have been speaking with and all they say is it depends on what is wrong with them. How do you know when you don’t have my machine? How do you determine who gets them replaced for free or for less than $1,000? Is it all in who you get to talk to? There is no rhyme or reason to any of this. I have asked for 3 days to speak with a supervisor no response back. I have asked to send me the part since out of warranty nothing!!! I am so unhappy that i will NEVER buy another one. There is no progress with my case. It is ridiculous that it takes this long to get something resolved. If you have an unhappy customer you should be doing something to try and fix it. GF is getting bashed on lots of groups.

Welcome to the community. I’m not customer service, but by posting here you’ve opened another support ticket, which combined with your other communication may slow response time down a bit more, but I’m sure they will respond here. Facebook is notorious for people complaining about Glowforge…but, most people don’t post about the good things anyway. The experts at GF are able to extract the logs from your machine’s activity and are usually able to get an idea of what’s not working correctly by doing that. That’s how they can have some insight to problems without even having your machine. I think you will be getting some attention soon. Best of luck to you.

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We are currently looking at the previous inquiry that is open.

As Xabbess mentioned we sometimes have multiple inquires open for the same question or request. We are however able to see and diagnose issues from logs we request from your Glowforge.

I will be closing out this forum post and we will have someone reach out to you promptly as requested.

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